CNC Routing

CNC Routing

If requiring more than simple cut to size, please email us directly or

Send through all drawings or files with all the required specs attached, as we will need these to quote most things.

For quoting sometimes a picture and dimensions are all that’s required, but usually if it is a fabricated or routed piece we need a file to produce when ordering. We like eps and ai files, and can sometimes use a pdf if the information contained is correct. We do not offer a service of drawing these files- they need to be supplied by the customer. Generally speaking it’s what is called a vector outline.

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Thickness
  • Measurements (in mm)

We do offer extra services such as, but not limited to; flame polishing, buffing, rounded corners, drill holes and CNC routing, along with plastic fabrication which is the mainstay of what we do. These are not a part of the cut to size price, and are added extras.

So if you have any queries in regards to this, it is better to ask prior to ordering.

Emails are usually answered within 24 hours except at peak times.