Please make sure you read the following before placing an order.

Our company offers a very useful product that is customized in size according to your specific needs. We make sure that we give you the quality product you have paid for. We only use UV stable acrylic, and as such do not have any ‘cheaper or lesser priced materials’. We can provide you with basic information on the acrylic product itself, as in what to clean it with, what tools to use on it, or the uv sttability etc.., however as there are literally thousands of uses, and we can’t be an expert in all uses – we refrain from offering any in depth, or industry specific advise as we are not an expert in all uses of acrylic. You can review the tech spec sheets for further info by clicking on the technical data tab.

In compliance with ACCC laws, our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. However keep in mind that once you have had the product custom cut to your specifications, and use the product – there are certain circumstances you have negated the warranty by in its use. We do always suggest collecting goods personally wherever possible, as damage incurred by a courier ( a noninsured general service) in delivering your order shall not be shouldered by our company.

Our acrylic product is weather resistant and tends to last a long time, however a time frame is not guaranteed due to varied use and installation methods. Extreme heat that is higher than 60° C and extreme cold below 2° can cause great damage to the product, and within these parameters acrylic can still expand and contract. In order to avoid any damage and untoward incidents, it is advised to speak to a professional in that particular area of use. Most often there are specialized trades people in most fields.

Our company shall not be held liable for any improper usage/installation of the materials we sell. We cannot monitor how you use our product so we have provided you with the general basic information you might need on how to use our products. Please be sure to gain expert advice in areas of specialty.

Showcase Plastics offers cut to size acrylic online

PayPal registered addresses are not used for deliveryThe manually entered address is used. Please make sure all details are correctly entered as a redelivery fee is required to re send goods.