Our Products

Explore our made to order products and extra services including acrylic blanks, wishing wells, display boxes, laser cutting and CNC routing. We pride ourselves on providing high quality materials at competitive prices and our professional, friendly service.

Made To Order Poducts

We fabricate wishing wells, plinths, risers, sofa arm covers, cake toppers, display boxes, display cases and covers, acrylic trays, shadow boxes, name plaques, table signs, table arches and acrylic blanks, as well as many other custom displays. We can work with you to custom make your next project. Allow 2-10 days from order and payment, depending on which product. Place an order here.

Colour Guide

As plastic fabricators and manufacturers, we carry a wide variety of colours and only use quality commercial grade cast acrylic, which are UV stable wherever possible. Know more about our colour and product range here.

Ready to Make Products

Our ready made products include acrylic blanks in a variety of colours and shapes, luggage tags, Christmas baubles, bows, hexagons, Covid safe medical screens and sneeze guards. View and purchase our range of ready made products here.


We carry a range of fabrication accessories such as, but not limited to, adhesives, fixtures, hinges, anti static cleaner and scratch removal kits. View and purchase our range of accessories here.

Laser Cutting

We can use laser technology for designs that require better precision when cutting and engraving, resulting in a flame polished edge that is smoother and glossier. We offer laser cutting for your small and large projects. Learn more.

CNC Routing

Using computer numerical control, we are able to route tool paths using coordinates which allows cutting and engraving with high precision and accuracy. Find out more about how we can help you with your next project..

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